The problem below has been solved in the theme version 2.2.1, so if you use the newest theme version you don't need change anything.


The chrome browser version 73 (the newest chrome version) causes that bxslider script (carousel script) doesn't work correctly.

This means that you can't click links in the slider module, products from the category and featured manufacturers:

To fix it, please:

1.Login to your FTP

2.Go to the catalog:  /themes/AngarTheme/assets/js/libs/

3.Change the file name from:



jquery.bxslider.min2.js (to make the file backup)

4.Download and unpack this .zip file:

5.Paste jquery.bxslider.min.js (from the zip) to the catalog: /themes/AngarTheme/assets/js/libs/

6.Clear PrestaShop and browser cache.


Send me a message if you need help with this.